X3 albion prelude automated trading

X3 albion prelude automated trading

So i finally managed to learn trading in x3 albion prelude and equipped my mercury with the mk3 trading software. But when i use it, the status of the ship switches to buying 0 energy cells and then switches back to standby.

But because theyre just more convenient than a standard ts class ship for automated trading thanks to their larger cargo bays. Next you need to dock the ship at a teladi trading dock and buy.

Mort is manually operated remote trading, which is basically what you are already doing. There is a way to automate the ship, trade software mk3 available from terracorp hq and teladi equipment docks, for about 500k, once the software is fitted there is a new command in trade menu, think its start universal trader.

  this lets learn explains how to set up a trade ship to act as a commodity agent for your space stations.

As for locations, it depends on where you are roaming right now, but nearer to your trade empire would be convenient. You can however set up vast mobile mining operations completely automated if youd like.

For automatic trading, its all about the number of trades, and not as much about the return per trade.

At the very bottom is a tick, where you can save your game for free. X3tc does automatically save when you dock at a station, however having a extra save its never a bad idea - just encase.

Useful x3tc guides below is a list of guides that can be used for albion prelude (x3ap) or terran conflict (x3tc). So rather than have multiable copies of each guide, it is better to link to them here.

  so i pull up my stock, i see the supply and demand and pretty much most items are really in demand. I make really good with energy cells,1mj shields,chips,ore, and crystals. However there are some demands like food,wheat,waffers,beef ect ect is it really worth to put the time to supply these basic things? Cause to me it seems im just waiting energy cells and other things to make them.

Sorry about the in-game volume! I will certainly fix that in the future.

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X3 albion prelude automated trading

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