Where is dr ruja ignatova

Where is dr ruja ignatova

  if dr ignatova is short of sofas to sleep on, he could always bed down at the 5-star sofia hotel balkan. At a 100 per night, she could stay for 44 million nights on the money stolen from investors.

She thought to take the huge benefit using the cryptocurrency boom. Lets see how did she do the scam and where is dr ruja now? Ruja ignatova, basically from bulgaria formed her company in uk or united kingdom.

Ruja ignatova is a bulgarian fraudster who is famous for her onecoin scam. She is described as one of the biggest fraudsters in the history of mankind. Born in the year 1980, ruja celebrates her birthday on the 30th of may.

Ruja ignatova - onecoin founder where is the missing cryptoqueen?in this video we look at ruja ignatova, the onecoin founder and where she is today.

  dr ruja ignatova, 39, was born in bulgaria and emigrated to germany aged 10.

  despite onecoin being in turmoil following a disastrous ico thats not an ico announcement, there hasnt been a peep out of management. With pierre arens walking out last month, it was expected that at some point ruja ignatova would come out of hiding to address onecoin affiliates.

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Where is dr ruja ignatova

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