What are the easiest gcse subjects

What are the easiest gcse subjects

  im sure you dont need me to tell you this (its quite well known) but gcse geography is a fairly easy subject to take. This is fairly good, or at least better than the previous easy gcse.

The easiest gcse subjects to close out this topic, we focus on subjects that students thought would be an easy grade but turned out to be very labour-intensive and not that easy after all.

Gcse film studies film studies is one of the easiest gcse subjects.

With a pass rate of almost 90, its clear that these are amongst the easiest to pass!

If your choosing options choose 1 language (modern- so not latin) and either geography or history. Other then that choose what you enjoy, and go for an easy subject you think you will do well in (like rs was a defo a for me, everyone gets aa).

It was an hour an a half exam for an amount of content and writing that i couldnt bear the idea that we didnt get 2 hours at least. Generally slightly easier gcses would be considered ict, astronomy, media studies and level 2 cooking certificate.

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What are the easiest gcse subjects

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