Tastyworks vs thinkorswim

Tastyworks vs thinkorswim

There are certainly similarities between tastyworks and thinkorswim.

Tastyworks vs thinkorswim is a battle of specialty options trading platforms beginning with the lower-case letter t which may not be a coincidence because the two platforms were founded by similar executive teams.

Amazingly, tastyworks does not offer this vital service on any of its platforms at any price. Thinkorswim, on the other hand, provides level ii data to both pros and amateurs free of charge. Now lets look at extended-hours trading tastyworks and thinkorswim both offer extended-hours trading.

Thinkorswim there are certainly similarities between tastyworks and thinkorswim.

Thinkorswim review the good, the bad, the ugly for options trading.

The late-night session for thinkorswim closes 2 hours later than tastyworks period. Level ii quotes level ii data is not available at tastyworks, which is surprising given the brokers emphasis on active trading. On thinkorswim, level ii quotes are available free of charge to both professional and non-professional customers.

  tastyworks free closing trades and deeply discounted commissions totally blow thinkorswims 6. When tastyworks ultra-low cost is taken into consideration, it almost fully makes up for the lack of 247 customer service that thinkorswim offers.

The only difference in my experience is tastyworks has slightly more knowledgeable and personal customer service when it comes to options and futures, as thats what they specialize in and all their customer service responses comes from the tastyworks team.

So ive been using thinkorswim just for trading so far and overall its a really good platform with a lot of tools and features. I just started getting into options and im hearing that tastyworks is the goto platform for options. My question is, for those that use tastyworks how is it compared to thinkorswim.

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Tastyworks vs thinkorswim

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