Tarek el moussa muslim

Tarek el moussa muslim

  does it true that tarek el moussa is a muslim? There is no much information about his truth belief, people considered him as a muslim because of his name and his father background. He never got down the case and talk to public about his faith.

  most of his fans have speculated that flip or flo p star tarek el moussa is a muslim christian since his last name is moussa. Some source also claimed tarek el moussa is an egyptian given his last name moussa.

  it is also worth noting that he has never publicly declared what religion he practices, though it is frequently assumed he is muslim, again because of his arabian last name.

Tarek el moussa has never publicly stated his religion or made any allusions to his religion on the show. The last name el moussa can be both a muslim and christian last name from throughout the.

In flip or flop, his income is estimated to be 5000 per episode in the 1st season, and in the third season, it increased to around 20,000 per episode.

Even if i did suffer some muslim-anxiety, id simply reassure myself its just a wank and a fantasy. Thats the great think about fantasy, we can make them exactly as we wish.

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Tarek el moussa muslim

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