Stock market gadget for windows 7

Stock market gadget for windows 7

Keep track of your stocks straight from your desktop all in real time. Features instruments from nasdaq, nyse, euronext and many more.

To ease the burden of stock investor, this program is now handy and is available in windows 7. You need not to worry yourself about your current investments.

  where can i find a stock market gadget for windows 7 that i can put on my sidebar? The ones that are on the windowsmicrosoft does not have one for stock market, or at least not one i can find.

  stock3 is the upgrade version for windows 7 of the original stock gadget which was in windows vista. Since there are several available stock gadgets, users can download gadgets as their wishes and add them. The data in the gadget is from yahoo finance, which also has london stock exchange reports.

Download market report - stock ticker sidebar gadget that enables you to view the values of the most important stock indices, namely nasdaq, s&p and dow jones softpedia windows.

Stocks tracker for windows is finally here! Features highlights -multiple watch lists -real-time streaming quotes -market single scans -global indexes & currencies -interactive chart with 50 technical indicators -paper trade feature details --------------------------------------------- - watchlist and real time quotes -.

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Stock market gadget for windows 7

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