Sto skill points

Sto skill points

(27) skills will increase your effectiveness in both space combat and ground combat. (37) select any skill to see a full description of the benefits gained by purchasing it. Every space skill costs one space point to purchase, while every ground skill costs one ground point.

It is necessary to spend 27 points in tactic to get the tactical ultimate ability and its necessary to spend 3 points in long-range targeting sensors. Because of that 30 points out of 46 points are already allocated and 16 points are left.

Having 100 resistance will cut the effectiveness of most incoming control effects in half. 50 willpower device expertise this skill increases the effectiveness of most consumable devices.

  in star trek online skills are passive attributes of your character, that influence the effectiveness of your abilities, weapons and other stats. Unlike many other games they are not organized in a tree or other hierarchy that requires you to learn certain skills to unlock others.

The best way to do it is to take them from defensive maneuvering and reduce that by 2 points and put these 2 points into improved projectile weapons. And points in part gen are good too, 2 points a perfectly viable if youre using skills like feedback pulse which are affected by that skill.

  buying level 8 or 9 in tier 1 and 2 skills is the least efficient use of skill points on a level-by-level basis in sto, gaining you only 0. It also makes only a minimal difference to your stat bonuses having 999 in a skill chain gives you a total stat bonus of 100.

  skillpoints in elder scroll online (eso) are limited resources available within the game that allow the player to unlock and improve skills for combat, armor, crafting and world adventuring. Skillpoints are obtained naturally via leveling, but they are also available as rewards for completion of dungeons and for the collection of skyshards across tamriel.

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Sto skill points

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