Starboard bot discord

Starboard bot discord

The first advanced discord starboard bot, the best way to archive funny messages, with much more features to offer than other starboard bots.

Starboard is an advanced and highly customizable discord bot, the easiest way to archive funny messages. About starboard starboard is an advanced, reliable, and highly customizable starboard bot, which ive been working on for a while now, mostly for use on personal servers.

Starboard is an advanced, reliable, and highly customizable starboard bot. Ive been working on this project for a while now, mostly for use in personal servers. When it turned out better than i imagined, i open-sourced it and posted it to bot lists.

Starboard is an advanced, reliable, and highly customizable starboard bot, allowing for multiple starboards, multiple emojis, auto-star channels, and much more coming! This documentation gives you a quick start to using the bot. If you see a problem, please let me know, either by using the bots suggest command or joining the.

  create a channel for the bot (name it something like starboard). Type padd channel ( is the name of the channel you just created) type paddemoji channel emoji ( emoji is usually star) the starboard is now good to go, but you might want to change more settings (like the number of reactions needed).

Create a channel for the bot (name it something like starboard).

Well, sms, or starboards made simple is a useful discord bot for servers of all sizes. It contains a healthy amount of customization while keeping things relatively simple. Gone are the days of trying to figure out how to set up a starboard, and welcome sms! Commands.

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Starboard bot discord

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