Shark harmonic pattern rules

Shark harmonic pattern rules

The shark harmonic pattern is within the 5-o pattern structure. The structure means that, unlike the other harmonic patterns, all trades have to be taken based on point c.

  the shark pattern is an emerging 5-o pattern as the harmonic shark pattern is within the 5-o pattern structure. The structure of the shark pattern means that, unlike the other harmonic patterns, all trades are taken based on point c. While the point d is actually used as a pre-defined profit target.

  the harmonic shark pattern is identified as shown in the picture below and uses 0, x, a, b, c swing points to name the pivotswing legs and is referred to as a 5-0 pattern.

The shark pattern is a new harmonic pattern that i initially released in 2011 in my patterns into profits course. Although i was aware of the price structure for quite some time, i needed to refine the identification parameters to discover the best opportunities. Essentially, the pattern is the primary structure that precedes a 5-0 formation.

  shark pattern is a combination of a failed wave, an extreme harmonic impulse wave and the famous 0. Rules b point needs to be in range of xa projection minimum 1. 618 c point needs to be in range of ab projection minimum 1.

The shark pattern is a distinct 5-point reversal structure that was discovered by scott carney in 2011. It is similar to the bat pattern, except for the c point exceeding the bc leg.

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Shark harmonic pattern rules

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