Ocbc cda card

Ocbc cda card

When your child turns 13, the unspent balance goes to their post secondary education account (psea), making it easier to pay education fees.

For children born on or after , families are entitled to receive government-matching deposits in their child development account (cda) up to 6,000 for 1st and 2nd child 12,000 for 3rd and 4th child 18,000 for 5th and subsequent child you can use the cda funds at baby bonus approved institutions to pay for education.

Get exclusive privileges when you present your ocbc baby bonus card at the following merchants. How to apply with ocbc child development account (cda), you are automatically entitled to a baby bonus card.

Checking your childs ocbc cda (child development account) account balance is very easy. At the account overview page, you will be able to see the cdas total balance and available balance.

  launch your browser and go to ocbc internet banking website. Make sure to input the right access code as well as the right pin. Once you have arrived in the main page, you will see the current balance of your cda balance.

  the cda is a special savings account for children that can be opened with posbdbs, ocbc or uob, to help build up the savings that can be spent on approved uses.

You will need to call both the following hotlines to report loss of your card immediately. Ocbc contact centre hotline 1800 363 3333 (24 hours) nets customer service hotline 6274 1212 (mon to sat 9am to 7pm, sun & public holidays 10am to 7pm) - to deactivate the nets flashpay function on your atm card.

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Ocbc cda card

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Ocbc cda card

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