Myfxbook investor password

Myfxbook investor password

  click the change button and then enter your current master password, select change investor password radio button and enter your desired password. If the terminal rejects the password change and its not due to an incorrect master password, then the broker has de-activated this function and only they can supply you an investor password.

Go to tools in you mt4 platform, then options, server, and change.

  i had to contact my broker to change the (read only) investor password to the authorization password given by the myfxbook instructions. The instructions were guiding me through verifying my trading privileges and track record. Once the password was changed, now i am unable to connect to the publisher.

Easier yet just open the terminal and under mailbox click on the registration message from your broker and it will show you your acct , password, and investor password.

  use your investor password to upload and verify trading record on myfxbook. Sell access to your mt4 trading account via investor password for additional income. Other people can buy it to access your trades and copy them to their account.

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Myfxbook investor password

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