Mt4 crosshair color change

Mt4 crosshair color change

  if you change the background to white and the foreground to black, you should see the vertical and horizontal lines of the crosshair cursor.

Not only the color and line thickness can be changed, but useful functions are attached as well. Its not an essential indicator, but it will definitely help if you use it. This customizable crosshair allows you to change the line thickness and color.

While a synced crosshair allows you to synchronize a point in all charts, that means if you set a point in the bar you want in a chart and all other charts will be aligned, setting the point to the corresponding bar on the other charts.

  hallo! Is there any way in metatrader 4 to change crosshair (and measured distance numbers which are the main thing) color independently from changing foreground color? Maybe some registry tweaks.

With the next setting you can change the color of both the horizontal and the vertical line that show the crosshair. Change this to a color that best fits the rest of your chart. Now the last two settings are also used for the appearance of the crosshair. First you can change the line style and second you can change the width of the lines.

Methods to use save within the indications folder and run as indicator. Choose inputs toggle on the cross-hair together with your hot-key or the toggle button. Double-click the left mouse button to lock the primary timevalue coordinate. Double-click another time to lock the second timevalue coordinate.

Toggle on the cross-hair with your hot-key or the toggle button.

  by clicking on the third mouse button or ctrlf, the crosshair tool will be activated. That way, you can know the date, time, and value of a point in the chart. If you leave the left mouse button and you move the cursor, a line that connects the two points will be drawn.

  to activate it, you can press ctrl f, press on the wheel of the mouse, or click on the designated crosshair icon as shown in the picture below. As shown below, the crosshair shows the coordinates of date, time, and price at a selected point.

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Mt4 crosshair color change

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