Load extra data on mt4

Load extra data on mt4

) in the symbols section, double click on the currency pair youre trading (in our case, this is gbpusd) and then double click on 1 minute.

  to download additional mt4 history data, first go to the tools menu and select history center.

Then click on import at the bottom of the window to import data in metatrader. Click on browse -- then find in your pc the referring file eurusd 1m and double click on it (or open). (4) now wait a few seconds while metatrader loads data from 2007.

  this fast script loads at least 2000 bars (or less, if the broker has no enough) for audcadchfeurgbpjpynzdusd instruments (for all the time frames). Recommended, if you just made a fresh mt4 install and there are no enough data. (if some charts failed, increase the pause millisec and run it again.).

  you can download the data by heading over to the tools menu and selecting history center. There, you need to select the appropriate symbol and double press it. It will bring out various timeframes that youll be able to import to your system. At the end of it, mt4 will have enough data to conduct backtesting on your instrument.

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Load extra data on mt4

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