La parrilla taco loco calories

La parrilla taco loco calories

Personalized health review for taco-loco corn tortillas 100 calories, nutrition grade (b plus), problematic ingredients, and more. - check out tripadvisor members 3,363 candid photos and videos of la parrilla el pollo loco taco al carbon w chicken.

One of the better smaller local chain mexican restaurants around - great salsa and chips, quick service, ranks high on the bang-for-buck meter. Id recommend the taco loco (tastes good and super cheap), a killer salad is the monterey salad (i opt for no dressing), and the ensenada fish tacos are some of the best ive ever had.

(4 ratings) whole wheat rice with onion (lv) ww point plus 8 onzas de arroz 6 pp.

Calories in la parilla - nutritional information and diet info.

50 protein on a bed of lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream and diced tomatoes, lightly drizzled with cheese dip.

  the following nutrition information is provided by the usdas myplate nutrition initiative for a 2-cup (279g) serving of taco salad made with ground turkey or ground beef, pinto beans, tomatoes, green peppers, and onions on a bed of butter lettuce, all topped with salsa.

Call our catering team or send us an email before may 4th at 500 pm! You may even get some cinco swag! Laparrilla cincodelaparrilla. Our favorite month is finally here! Kick off may at your favorite la parrilla this weekend! Laparrilla happymay.

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La parrilla taco loco calories

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