Kplc paybill number for tokens

Kplc paybill number for tokens

  the kplc paybill number for prepaid customers is 888880 while the paybill number for postpaid customers is 888888. Use these business numbers for buying tokens through the m-pesa or paying your postpaid electricity bill.

How to buy kenya power (kplc) prepaid tokens via m-pesa paybill number 888880.

  kenya power and lighting companys customers can use the 888880 kplc paybill number to buy electricity tokens for their prepaid kplc meters. 6 million electricity consumers relying on power from kplc, paying kplc bill via mobile is very fast, safe and convenient.

  on your phone, go to the safaricom menu and choose m-pesa. On m-pesa, choose lipa na m-pesa and go to the pay bill option (kplcs pay bill number for the token is 888880) on the pay bill, enter in your kplc prepaid meter number as the account number.

  the kplc paybill number for token is 888880 enter in your kplc prepaid meter number as your account number next, key in the amount you want to pay for your electricity.

  similarly, majority of kplc prepaid consumers are only accustomed to the official prepaid token paybill number 888880 which constantly suffers system issues.

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Kplc paybill number for tokens

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