Intelligent option investor

Intelligent option investor

This guide melds an intuitive explanation of options simple, directional tools that allow a peerless way to tailor investment exposure with a clear-eyed valuation framework and actionable advice on avoiding the behavioral biases that so often affect individual and institutional investors alike.

The intelligent option investor is the hands-on guide to using a cuttingedge valuation framework in the fast-paced options market to boost growth, protect gains, and generate income. It explains how to use your insightful human mind to recognize when mechanized options pricing undervalues a stock.

We have decommissioned the ioi tools site and replaced them with two downloadable spreadsheets. The ioi valuation model allows you to model the main drivers of value as discussed in the intelligent option investor. The bsm cone tool allows you to download stock price data for u. -listed companies and input implied volatility and valuation range.

  the intelligent option investor is the hands-on guide to using a cutting edge valuation framework in the fast-paced options market to boost growth, protect gains, and generate income. It explains how to use your insightful human mind to recognize when mechanized options pricing undervalues a stock.

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Intelligent option investor

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