How to make money in darkrp

How to make money in darkrp

First, open up the console ( key) and type this bind (key) say advert mug! Drop (money) or die! (time limit).

  this is one of the easiest methods of making money in darkrp. Looking for a spot firstly you need to find a house or building to live in, its wise to find a spot that is in the most unpopular parts of the rp map to avoid raiding, you could also build a base to prevent raiding if you think you will be raided.

  in this video i will be showing off a crazy way to get 100k in less than 5 minutes after i show it off i just play around a bit so be sure to stick around.

  there are many ways to make money in darkrp, and some are more efficient than others. Below is a list of ways to make money mugging people - you can force people to drop money at gunpoint, if they refuse and surpass the time given, you can kill them. Printing - you can use printers to print money for you over time.

  the best method for getting money is simply printers, not being a gundealer or whatever p garrys mod playlist w base tutorials! Httpswww.

  people just want to have fun on darkrp servers, and you can easily grab some attention and use it to earn money. This guide is about proposing ideas that can make you anything from 0 - 1,000,000 in one hour to several hours. Combine multiple ideas to have some fun and explode your bank account.

  !givemoney - gives money to a player (!givemoney name amount)!takemoney - takes money away from a player (!takemoney name amount)!setmoney - sets the money of a player (!setmoney name amount)!getmoney - gets the wallet amount of a player (!getmoney name) let me know if there are any issues.

Protip 2 if the server has an atm or bank store your money in it to avoid someone mugging you and taking about an hours worth of cash.

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How to make money in darkrp

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