How to icici credit card payment online

How to icici credit card payment online

You can now use the click to pay service to conveniently pay your icici bank loan equated monthly instalment (emi) and credit card bill payment through internet banking, upi or debit card.

  just follow the steps if you have an icici bank debit card visit any nearby icici bank atm and swipe through.

  fill all the required information like icici credit card account number, amount and click on the next button.

You can also make icici bank credit card bill payment online directly through the billdesk.

This information is being communicated to you solely for the purposes of providing information regarding the services of payment of your billsdues to icici bank through the website and is subject to applicable laws and regulations and the terms and conditions.

  to pay your credit card dues log in to the net banking facility through the bank website and go into the credit card tab and select the credit card payment option.

  paying icici credit card bills online through billdesk is easy, and can be done both through the debit card of your bank or by using the internet banking facility. Follow these steps to make icici credit card bill payment through bill desk. Create an account with billdesk, which is a payment gateway, and add the necessary information.

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How to icici credit card payment online

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