Heidel trade manager

Heidel trade manager

In heidel click on npc button on top right near map , and click on trade manager.

As a trade manager, siuta will pay you a good price for stuff such as ancient coins and other trade goods. In a quest called understanding the politics of heidel given to you by grace lauren , you have to speak to three characters siuta, hunt , and a heidelian.

- description in her hayday men lined up for miles to ask her on dates. She finally married into a rich family and learned the ropes of trading while helping with her husbands business. Her tendency toward precision lead her to become trade manager of heidel.

- description a special spice blend of the old kingdom of cron recreated by nadia rowen and emma bartali after long research.

Roig mills (heidel imperial trade manager) radolf hansen (heidel imperial delivery manager) mathias (velia imperial delivery manager) rosa kloko (velia imperial trade manager) lamiro iadans (calpheon imperial delivery manager) demiel batian (calpheon imperial trade manager).

Heidel has one of, if not the rarest (of those in the game) prize fish to catch. Its the pirarucu, and its worth 15,000,000 silver (which can also be sold to trade managersvalencia with the trade buff). It has an extremely low droprate and youll likely see only one maybe two a month if youve got 1000 fishing mastery and good rng.

Purchase and deliver item from trade manager 1 5 2lt excavate the traitors graveyard kill 777 mobs near marie cave book 2 of fughars adventure log 2 1 fughars secret book gain the respect of mediah traders questline of 5 quests.

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Heidel trade manager

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