Giambrone law complaints

Giambrone law complaints

Giambrone law giambrone has been a really great law firm since the beginning! I have been to the palermo office and they were so welcoming. I had to recover some money from an italian company and they assisted me all the way through.

They made the process of applying for italian citizenship as easy as it could possibly be for me, having tried to do it alone and given up.

There are hundreds of complaints about giambrone law on website called www. Com the complaints are hidden until you register as gabrielle giambrone has threatened the forum owner with liabledefamatiion but they are brave and they have still published these stories as they are all true.

Giambrone is an award-winning full service law firm operating through a network of offices in rome, milan, palermo, barcelona, berlin, tunisia and new york.

  no disciplinary action has been taken by the sra against giambrone law or gabriele giambrone from august 2008 (when the sra visited the premises of giambrone law llp in london) to date (march 2011) and therefore any allegations of wrong-doing, which have been refuted, are.

Complaint review scam report giambrone law gabriele giambrone, giambrone law, studio legale giambrone gabriele giambrone, lawyer involved with fraud, reported on bbc television after high court ruling palermo, sicily.

Giambrone & partners llp is authorised and regulated by the bar standards board in england and wales. The lawyers at giambrone & partners studio legale associato are regulated by the italian law society (consiglio dellordine degli avvocati).

Alternative complaints bodies such as promediate exist, which are competent to deal with complaints about legal services should both you and our partners wish to use such a scheme.

  other than the bdb lawsuit (where they need to put some real effort into it to come out ahead), my confidence in giambrone is slipping. They are a licensed law firm (unlike some secret lawyers being promoted), but this complaint isnt unique.

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Giambrone law complaints

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Giambrone law complaints

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