Fire emblem awakening asset and flaw

Fire emblem awakening asset and flaw

In fire emblem awakening, picking the correct asset and flaw for your avatar might seem like a small decision, but it influences their statistics for the entirety of the game.

  rule of thumb is to never gimp your speed no matter what you plan on being. -luk is generally the best one since it allows you to be versatile without gimping yourself. If you somehow get limit breaker, itll be like you only have an asset and no flaw.

It depends, if you are going with mainly magic, asset speed flaw strength. So you can dodge anything and since you wont be using swords strength will be the flaw.

Its crucial for damage, improves avoid chance, and helps prevent being doubled. My first mu was a magic asset, strength flaw, but his speed was on the low end until i fed him a few speedwings, and the decreased strength wasnt great for ignis.

Your avatar will be a potent character whatever you choose for their asset and flaw, but certainly the assetflaw can change how they are best used. Offhand, for an all rounder with a focus on melee, i would suggest an asset of strength and a flaw of resistance. As you have no prior experience with fire emblem, i would suggest beginning on normal.

The only solution i can think of is the start over with a different assetflaw and see if i can use less vulnaries in chapter 1(only 1 charge left), since i need the elixirs 3 shots it seems to get through both waves of chapter 2.

Awakening has very high replay value and theres a high chance youll be doing another playthrough- focus on optimization then. Your assetflaw wont matter for you in the long run, but mag, spd.

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Fire emblem awakening asset and flaw

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