Fallout new vegas tweak guide

Fallout new vegas tweak guide

To successfully conduct any tweaking in fallout new vegas, you will need some way of objectively measuring your performance in frames per second (fps). The quickest and easiest way to measure your fps in any game is to use the free fraps utility. Download, install and launch fraps before starting up fallout new vegas.

Ini located in fallout new vegas game directory (after you have extracted enbseries). Now youll have to change some numbers but heres what i have, if you have a gtx 1080 ti founders edition and 16gb of ram then you can copy all of the following, otherwise youll have to change some numbers.

Ipresentinterval0 disablesenables vertical synchronization (vsync).

  this is a brief tweak guide for the pc version of fallout new vegas, highlighting the particularly useful tweaks.

Tweak 2launch new vegas (with the enb installed) and get into a save, once the save is loaded press the key on your keyboard to pause everything, then press shift enter to get into the enb menu, youll see lots of effects on the left of your enb menu screen, toggle on and off everything to see what effects you prefer on and what you dont,.

Went into my documentsmy gamesfalloutnv and checked that each ini file is not read only. And with that, lets get the necessary tools to mod the game.

Ini (the two configuration files) and paste them to your desktop as a backup, or as i do, make a folder in documents named game backups and have a folder for each game for various files.

  fallout tweak guide questions - posted in new vegas discussion 1 for 16gb of ram what do i set uinterior cell buffer, uexterior cell buffer, and ipreloadsizelimit to? 2 i have an amd fx-8320 4.

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Fallout new vegas tweak guide

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Fallout new vegas tweak guide

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