Erlich bachman binary shirt

Erlich bachman binary shirt

In the first episode of season 2 of silicon valley, erlich bachman (aka tj miller) is seen wearing a binary t-shirt.

During the season 2 premiere episode of silicon valley, erlich bachman (t. Miller) wears a binary shirt that spells out the word bitcoin. The online currency was introduced in 2009 and rose in both popularity and market value.

  silicon valley s2e1 what does erlich bachmans binary t-shirt mean? I saw this quora question today. Of course as shown in the answer, we can use a binarytotext converter, but whats the fun part if i dont write my own.

  people have already given the answer, but ill tell you what you could try if you dont have a translator handy. If you assume that its supposed to be english text (yes, i know, im sorry) you can take a stab at it.

Erlichs binary bitcoin t-shirt from silicon valley quantity. Sku na categories graphic t-shirts, men tags binary bitcoin, erlich bachman, silicon valley.

In addition to his overall antics, erlich bachman from silicon valley is known for sporting a bevy of neat t-shirt designs. He knows how to meet ladies, hes studied nintendium on the periodic table of elements, he reps the floppy diskand lots more.

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Erlich bachman binary shirt

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