Cross currency quotes

Cross currency quotes

See the most traded currency crosses that are displayed by popularity and regions. Switch between the prices and heat map modes to see the latest price updates along with the strongest and weakest currencies. The table lets you compare cross rates and exchange rates of the most popular currencies throughout the world.

  to calculate the cross exchange rate, you need the bid prices of both currencies involved when paired with the usd. Its quite easy when the usd is the base currency in one pairing and the quote currency in the other pairings. You just have to multiply the two bid prices with your cross rate calculator to get the cross rate.

In general terms, cross currency rates also imply quoting of exchange rates that are not the official currencies of the country. Therefore, a eurgbp would be a cross currency rate if it was quoted by someone in the united states. At the same time, the eurgbp would not be a cross currency if it was quoted from the united kingdom or in the eurozone.

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  if, due to a dollar shortage, the counterparty quotes a basis of -50 bps, then the cost of this swap to the european company would increase to 2.

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Cross currency quotes

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