Business card to contacts app android

Business card to contacts app android

  a business card scanner is an app on your phone that can quickly scan a business card and add the persons contact information to the contact list in your.

  worldcard mobile lite is also the android business card scanner app that offers the best customizability.

A big bonus with this app is that its free to use and offers unlimited scans. It also has no annoying ads! The digital business cards you create are sharable via text, email, nfc, vcf, vcard, and social media.

Business card scanner app is one of best app available in android market that converts your paper card into digital business card. Contact snapper helps you in very minor but very important task,.

The business cards just jump into your phones cbs tv camcard is the easiest app to manage and exchange business cards, the perfect fit for sales people, entrepreneurs, business developers or.

  this app is designed to let you scan several business cards at once. You can take a single photo of up to 10 cards, and from that, wantedly people extracts contact info from each one.

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Business card to contacts app android

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