Bright start vs bright directions

Bright start vs bright directions

  but moving from bright start to bright directions is like moving from the frying pan into the fire! The latter plan is the advisor-sold plan so you get some encouragement and hand-holding. But just doing the investing in bright start should come up with similar results, if you use their blended portfolios.

  another unique attractive feature of bright directions is that it offers 3 age-based tracks (each with different degrees of aggressiveness), while bs only has 1. If you go with bd, use the c shares, which are a great deal compared to c shares found in other 529s and plain old mutual funds.

- illinois state treasurer michael frerichs today announced sweeping changes to the bright start and bright directions college savings programs that will provide greater investment options at a lower price for more than 450,000 college savers. Bright start advisor accounts will be converted to higher-rated bright directions accounts.

  bright start college savings (advisor-sold) offered by third-party financial advisors, this plan has higher fees than the bright start college savings program but also offers more options. It has a broad portfolio with a mix of stocks, bonds, fixed income, and money market funds.

The bright directions is usually sold through an advisor (such as myself). Heres some basic info taken directly from their site bright directions is an advisor-sold, 529-qualified tuition program specifically for those who manage their investments through a professional advisor.

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The biggest difference between illinois two 529 college savings plans is that the bright start plan is a direct-sold 529 plan and the bright directions plan is an advisor-sold 529 plan. Direct-sold plans generally have lower fees than advisor-sold plans.

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Bright start vs bright directions

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