Astroneer frame rate xbox one

Astroneer frame rate xbox one

Okay, loving this game so far! However, after playing a save for a while and making a large base, i am having frame rate issues.

Im curious if its just me but i am having a terrible time with my frame rate. Im in single player only and the game is struggling to run smooth.

Terrible framerate on one x, makes just cause 3 look smooth in comparison.

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

The subreddit for astroneer, an interplanetary sandbox adventureexploration game developed by system era softworks. Build outposts, shape landscapes to your liking or discover long lost relics.

Ive now loaded that save post the optimisation patch and the latest automation patch and the frame rate is very very slow. Player movement is slow, the cursor movement is slow, its like the whole game has gone into super-slow mode.

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I bought the game in december and havent been able to play online with my friends because i have been averaging 1-2 fps.

  astroneer is set during the 25th centurys intergalactic age of discovery, where astroneers explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Right now, due performance issues, we can be happy to have it running at 60 fps, though (which is why theres a cap atm).

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Astroneer frame rate xbox one

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