Asda currency card balance

Asda currency card balance

The asda currency card is perfect for international travel, as you can load it up with your chosen currency and top up as you go. You wont have to pay any fees on purchases in shops or restaurants as you do with most bank cards, and you dont have to worry about your bank details being stolen if you lose your card.

Com, register your card and youll be able to see your asda money currency card balance and any recent transactions. Alternatively, you can phone card services to use the automated balance service.

The asda travel money card gives you peace of mind by keeping your money safe. You can also use our online member area to check your balance and see transactions from any location, at any time.

  the asda money currency card is our very own pre-paid travel money card that offers a comprehensive range of benefits to keep your money safe and manageable when you go abroad.

Your available card fund balance and transaction history is available online for you to view via my account. You can call card services to request a copy of your transaction history be emailed to you. 6 there is no interest payable to you on the balance and the card fund does not amount to a deposit with us.

Cash passport card is issued by prepay technologies limited pursuant to license by mastercard international.

How do i check my balance? A quick and simple way to check your balance is through our online account sign up for free here. Alternatively, text bal to 2732 (free of charge) to check your balance, or call 2732 (free of charge) from your asda mobile and select option 1.

The gift card is valid for 24 months from the date the card had funds applied to it, or the date it was last spent. Any balance left on the card after 24 months will be cancelled. You should treat this card as cash it cannot be replaced if lost.

No change can be given on the cards or the balance on the cards exchanged for cash.

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Asda currency card balance

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Asda currency card balance

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