Are hellcat lifters better

Are hellcat lifters better

The hellcats do have upgraded lifters with heavier duty rollers. Found all this out after doing a cam and lifter swap in my wifes 2012 392.

  hellcat lifters-better quality? Discussion in engine & performance started by james obrien, aug 11, 2019.

  ok so we have all heard of the new updated hellcat specific lifters , that are made stronger with larger needle bearings and better oiling. There are 2 part numbers with much different cost for non mds,first is 5038787ac (ad now) this part number seems to be phasing out and the cost is around 100 for one lifter.

2007 silver charger srt obx long tubes, no cats, magnaflow mufflers, srt max cam, bfny ported 6. 1 heads, lmi true cai, 3200 enhanced transmission converter, 3. 55 getragupgraded clutches, 180 t-stat, ati flexplate, eurocharged tcm, ported intake at tb, 90mm bbk tb, diablotoona tuned.

Please check local and state laws for emissions compliance before purchasing this product.

  challenger hellcat is one of the greatest american muscle cars ever, but there are aspects which could be better. The next generation dodge challenger is expected to arrive within the next few years. There is no official date from fca, but it is expected that a new mopar muscle car will be introduced in 2023 or 2024, if not sooner.

  anyway the lifters from them on well known as the sole week point of the engine and is very common for the needle bearings in the roller lifter to collapse therefore seize no longer roll and chew out the cam lobe and lifter spewing metal right through your motor. Requires a complete stripping down to the block and cleaning.

So to start with comp cams makes non mds lifters that claim are a better replacement than the hellcat lifters for about 400.

These lifters fit the following non-mds hemi engines hellcat 6.

Non-mds lifters are an upgrade over the commonly sourced dodge hellcat lifters. Featuring enhanced oil retention around the axle and bearing, which helps to reduce wear and increase durability in all applications.

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Are hellcat lifters better

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